Educating Myself: 10.21.2017

The original plan this morning was to ride the bus, but I also wanted to sleep as long as I needed to sleep this morning. Which means I woke up at 9:50 a.m., and I needed to catch the bus either at 10:40 a.m. or 11:20 a.m. and I didn’t think that was going to happen. So I drove to class this morning. People were correct West Photo does not have enough parking. I didn’t see the public parking option till after class, but I did get to park about 2 blocks away on a residential road.

The class was Photography as a Business class, and the main reason I wanted to take it (besides the fact I do nature photography and massage) was that I wanted to better understand where I wanted to take my businesses (especially considering sale tax). In Minnesota, believe it or not, Massage is taxed, UNLESS it is referred directly by a practicing physician that an individual get a massage. I’ve been doing the photography portion as a hobby so far, but that’s changing in the future. I’ve been doing massage, as a way to supplement my income, but I would also like to change that in the future. Taking this class was a way for me to better understand the things I need to put together for it.

I have another class scheduled this upcoming Thursday and next Thursday called Google Analytics. Since I am planning on doing a lifestyle blog, I wanted to better understand the google analytics outside of the bare minimum that my liability insurance gives me. I may not NEED it, but I want to UNDERSTAND it. I found that my local community ed as lots of options for classes in the direction I am moving.

Class went well, and I have a pretty good idea of where I am going to start and move as things progress. I think I may need to pick up a couple other community ed listings in the surrounding areas and see what they are offering as well. Minneapolis has a very good selection, but I want to see what else is out there. I am especially interested in some more business classes, website, and arts and craft areas. An opportunity for networking, as well as learning from several options and people.


I am Grateful: 7.19.2017

We had some wonderful storms yesterday. They were pretty awesome. I got to take a little walk down to the park, and watch the edge of the storm system just to the south of the Cities. It was pretty spectacular. The colors were really wonderful.

I am grateful for and love the weather. 

I am grateful for and love myself. 

I am grateful for and loved my affirmations. 

I am grateful for and love my home. 

I am grateful for and love new days full of new opportunities. 

I am grateful for and love my cats. 

I am grateful for and love the people in my life. 

I am grateful for and love little messages. 

I am grateful for and love the rain. 

I am grateful for and love the opportunity.

Life is good. All is well in my world.

Good Morning: Minneapolis: 7/17/2017


I decided last night that I would get up this morning when I woke up.  Which was 5:33 am this morning, before the Sun was awake.  But I went with it.  I relaxed for a bit, then I got up, made my bed, did my daily oracle spread, and got dressed for a walk.  It was a beautiful Morning walk.  It wasn’t too hot or muggy, and hardly anyone was up and walking around at 6 am.

Sometimes I’ll sit in the park and meditate with breathe.  Sometimes I’ll bring my camera, and take pictures.  Sometimes I’ll do both.  It’s my time.  My time away from the apartment.  My time away from the daily “this,this,this”.  My time away to be present within me, and listen to some of the thoughts, and think if I have enough to form a blog post out of them.  Not so much today…except wow, I should do this more often, no one is awake and moving right now :).

Though some questions came up today:

  • How we bring about positive change when we come from a place of anger, frustration, or hate?
  • What would happen if no matter what the response from the other side, “protesters” came from and remained in a place of love, compassion & peace?
  • How would the message change?
  • How would the experience change?

The answers weren’t forthcoming this morning, but the questions were there.  So I continued walking, taking pictures, and enjoying the morning.


I hope every one has an awesome Monday!  Take it in stride, no matter what the Universe is throwing your way, around you, below you, above you, etc.  Breathe, let go, allow, let flow.

I am Grateful: 5.28.2017

I am grateful for productive days.

I am grateful for good omens. 

I am grateful for crazy kittens.

I am grateful for whipped cream.

I am grateful for being in the middle of a Thunderstorm. THAT was a special kind of awesome. 

I am grateful for my home.

I am grateful for green spaces.

I am grateful for the beauty that surrounds us.

I am grateful for for having my second and final class done for the bankruptcy. 

I am grateful for my Bullet Journal. 

I had a wonderful time this evening.  I went for a walk this everything.  I watched the storm come in over the lake, and got to experience it while I was out. The hail was pea sized by the way. The color of the sky was awesome, and the sky afterwards held 2 rainbows, and an awesome sunset. 

I am Grateful: 5/12/2017

I am grateful for sunny days.

I am grateful for paydays.

I am grateful for trades.

I am grateful for the Nature around me.

I am grateful for the feeling to do something.

I am grateful for fast service.

I am grateful for lazy mornings.

I am grateful for self restraint.

I am grateful for kitties.

I am having a wonderful homemade maple bacon mini cupcake courtesy of one of my friends and clients.  Yum!  And I’m not sharing, except a picture.


I am Grateful: 5/9/2017

I am Grateful for unexpected clients.

I am grateful for rainy evenings.

I am grateful for completed work.

I am grateful for tips.

I am grateful for music.

I am grateful for my home.

I am grateful for my family.

I am grateful for Salmon from Ikea.

I am grateful for Spring.

I am grateful for all the people who have entered and exited my life, and the lessons they have brought with them.

I had a wonderful walk this evening with the Rain, the Trees, the Flowers, and the Silence.

My late Grandma and Grandpa came by tonight.  It smelled like their house.  I had a picture of the nook by the fireplace in the living room, and Grandpa sitting in his chair by the TV, with Grandma in the Kitchen.


I am Grateful: 5/8/2017

I am grateful for motivation in the morning.

I am grateful for accomplished to do lists.

I am grateful for clean laundry.

I am grateful for walking in the evening rain.

I am grateful for unexpected evening sunsets.

I am grateful for my home.

I am grateful for my family.

I am grateful for my bullet journal.

I am grateful for my clean apartment.

I am grateful for days off.

IMG_20170508_204656_880I was not expecting a sunset today.  Rain has been forecasted for our area, and it’s been cloudy this evening.  I was walking through the Gardens, and I saw that there was indeed a Sunset visible over the lake.