Joyful Sunrise: 7/29/2017

This morning while I was listening to some Esther Hicks,  I pulled Joyful Sunrise for my oracle card of the day.  I like this deck, because it has different insights to what is going on, that wouldn’t normally come out of another deck.   I’ve been doing a deck a week, I may up it to a deck per two weeks.  I am not sure it depends on what strikes my choice.

20170729_142439 Joyful Sunrise: Find time to help yourself or you will find you are alone when those you’ve helped have moved along.  Finding time for yourself is really not one of your strong points.  Although you vary your routine, it is often to find another job to do, and you are a master of multi-tasking.  For life to be treasured you must discriminate between the work that is for you, and that which is for others.  You must realize that others are not always able to provide you with what you need.  You now must step back and say “I am Worth it” when looking to do something for yourself.  If you do not take this step, you may find all others have gone and left you behind, because of all the help you gave them at your expense. I am ready for my own needs to formulate.  I am worth the time and effort.

I had a client yesterday that is pretty happy in part because she is laying boundaries, and she is putting herself first.  When I drew this card this morning, it was like a light bulb, and I thought about the last 14 years.  I like to help people.  I like to help them blossom.  But it has come to my attention recently that I need to take care of myself.  This isn’t so much a new message as it’s nudging me a bit more strongly.

There is this little voice that says stay and hang out here, but there is this larger voice that says it’s time to for YOU.   I told my roommate about a month ago, that I was intending to move by the Summer of 2018.  She wasn’t to happy to hear it, and wanted to know why.  My response was that it is time.  We haven’t talked on this topic since.  While I know it would be easier for her to stay in the area with a roommate, I am not going to be that person.  I am not quite sure how she will take it, but I need to be free to be me.  If that makes any sense.   I have had a couple roommates since I moved to Minnesota, and they’ve all blossomed.  But it’s time for me to blossom, to learn, to grow, to be free to be me.

I have never lived alone by choice.  I have always lived with some one.  Whether they be a boyfriend or roommate, there has always been some one present.  So this feels like a big step for me, but not.  This feels like the right choice.

Wow: 7/28/2017

So this morning I went off to work, and I was feeling pretty meh.  I have been doing my SAVERS from the Miracle Morning Book for some time, and this morning I hadn’t done the A part of Savers.   Once I started doing them in my head, the attitude changed drastically, and I was better throughout my shift of work.   But there are a couple other things that are going through my mind.

Also realizing that I am indeed leaving the Massage industry for a couple years, and realizing that I am ready to let it go, was probably part of the my MEH attitude this morning.  I am also getting the feeling that I should start packing, since I am planning on moving within the upcoming year.  Not only that but intending to be moved by this time (July 2018) next year.   These are major decisions for me.  One I’ve worked in Massage for over 7 years, and this is the first time I will be moving out and living on my own.

For me it’s more than just moving out and living on my own.  It’s about owning my own power, standing in my own power, and taking control of my life.   As much as I would like to take some one with me, to be my buddy and pal, this is a journey I have to do on my own.   And as much as having a buddy and pal with me, it’s holding me back.  It’s holding me back, because I am usually waiting for them to catch up, or I am trying to help them rise up, and greet their potential.  Because in them I see greatness, and I don’t understand sometimes, that my journey and their journey are not the same.  They need to make their own way, in their own time.

So Wow, indeed.

Good Morning: Minneapolis: 7/17/2017


I decided last night that I would get up this morning when I woke up.  Which was 5:33 am this morning, before the Sun was awake.  But I went with it.  I relaxed for a bit, then I got up, made my bed, did my daily oracle spread, and got dressed for a walk.  It was a beautiful Morning walk.  It wasn’t too hot or muggy, and hardly anyone was up and walking around at 6 am.

Sometimes I’ll sit in the park and meditate with breathe.  Sometimes I’ll bring my camera, and take pictures.  Sometimes I’ll do both.  It’s my time.  My time away from the apartment.  My time away from the daily “this,this,this”.  My time away to be present within me, and listen to some of the thoughts, and think if I have enough to form a blog post out of them.  Not so much today…except wow, I should do this more often, no one is awake and moving right now :).

Though some questions came up today:

  • How we bring about positive change when we come from a place of anger, frustration, or hate?
  • What would happen if no matter what the response from the other side, “protesters” came from and remained in a place of love, compassion & peace?
  • How would the message change?
  • How would the experience change?

The answers weren’t forthcoming this morning, but the questions were there.  So I continued walking, taking pictures, and enjoying the morning.


I hope every one has an awesome Monday!  Take it in stride, no matter what the Universe is throwing your way, around you, below you, above you, etc.  Breathe, let go, allow, let flow.

I am Grateful: 7/2/2017

I am grateful for and love the people in my life.

I am grateful for and love my home.

I am grateful for and love my family.

I am grateful for and love all those who serve in both a military and civilian capacity.

I am grateful for and love my cats.

I am grateful for and love the experiences of the day.

I am grateful for and love the Metro Transit.

I am grateful for and love my fan.

I am grateful for and love my Affirmation Boards.

I am grateful for and love my friends.

Dear Universe,
I had a wonderful day today.  I got to talk with my fellow bus passengers.  I had a nice walk.  I saw some one shake hands with a K9 Officer thanking him for his service.  I rearranged my room (yes again).  I am strange that way.  I love the day that I just had, and I had fun experiencing it.  Send more of it.

Much Love, Kristin.

i am grateful: 6.16.2017

i am grateful for the day.

i am grateful for my clients.

i am grateful for surprises.

i am grateful for short days.

i am grateful for exploring metro transit.

i am grateful for my crazy kittens.

i am grateful for amazon music unlimited.

i am grateful for cash.

i am grateful for beautiful sunsets.

i am grateful for the power of choice.

i had a wonderful day.  today was a fine day of choices.  i got to ride my bike, walk, ride the bus, work, sleep in, accomplish things.  it was a wonderful day to be alive. and it’s like 67 degrees outside tonight.

i am grateful: 6/15/2017

I am grateful for the day.

I am grateful for being booked today.

I am grateful for my bike and car.

I am grateful for the metro transit.

I am grateful for Khols Sales.

I am grateful for my kittens.

I am grateful for options.

I am grateful for lessons learned.

I am grateful for affirmations.

I am grateful for the wind.

I had a wonderful day today.  I had 4 massages.  I was able to come home and clean for tomorrow.  I got to ride the bus to Khol’s this evening, and purchase some T-Shirts and tank tops on sale.  I got through to the IRS (for questions).  I had an awesome dinner, and the shakes are working out quite well.

i am grateful: 6/14/2017

i am grateful for timing.

i am grateful for AC.

i am grateful for open windows.

i am grateful for the awesome cloud work this afternoon.

i am grateful for good friends.

i am grateful for play time with the niece and nephew.

i am grateful for my clients.

i am grateful for my home.

i am grateful for my bed.

i am grateful for crazy kittens.

I had a wonderful day.  I got to play with my niece and nephew.  I got to have some time with a friend.  I got to redo the curtains for the fans.  I did two massages.  It was a nice fulfilling day.