Shocking Wonderful and An Gratefuls abound

How was everybody’s Monday?  Was it an odd day?  A surprising day?  Were the faeries playing with you?  Did  you hit a pot hole?  Did you act first before thinking things through?  Was the weather nice?  Did you Fur Pack or Pride tip over the water on the taxes?  Tax season is almost over, for those in the United States April 15th is Wednesday.

What Wonderful Thing happened today?   I found out that there’s going to be a family reunion just up the road in Eden Prairie for the Dwyer/Riley’s in my family tree.  This is awesome.  It’s on THIS side of the state line.   Which is really KEWL!

I had something shocking happen today, where I didn’t check all my bases, but it’s okay, because I’m owning it, and I’ll see if I can fix it later.  A bit late for it now.

What Grateful Things Happened today?

  1. I got a client today.
  2. I’m worrying less
  3. Car2Go is the bomb
  4. My cat is Mischievous and squirting her with the water bottle is hilarious.
  5. My wisdoms are growing again (not sure if that’s grateful or not)
  6. The weather is really great
  7. I figured out how to keep my audio books on my Itunes just the way I like them, so they load the way I want them on my Ipod.
  8. I got my taxes filed today (not paid, can’t afford that yet, but filed)
  9. My hair behaved today (I normally don’t mind it, but I’m growing it out for the first time since 3rd grade, I have really short hair)
  10. The Library has some more audio books for me.

Tarot of the Day: VIII Courage, 22 The Maiden, IV The Lord

wpid-20150404_103732.jpgVIII: Courage
Osho Zen Tarot
Minneapolis, MN

This card shows a small wildflower that has met the challenge of the rocks and stones in its path to emerge into the light of day. Surrounded by an aura of bright golden light, it exposes the majesty its tiny self. Unashamed, it is equal to the brightest sun. – When we are faced with a difficult situation we have a choice: we can either be resentful, and try to find somebody or something to blame for the hardships, or we can face the challenge and grow. The flower shows us the way, as its passion for life leads it out of the darkness and into the light. There is no point fighting against the challenges of life, or trying to avoid or deny them. They are there, and if the seed is to become the flower we must go through them. Be courageous enough to grow into the flower you are meant to be.

wpid-20150404_103739.jpg22 The Maiden
Heart of Faerie Oracle
Minneapolis, MN

First Love. Wonder. Endless Possibilities. When the maiden Appears, take the time to remember how you felt when you first fell in love.  You can’t go back, but you can remember and take some of that wonder and sense of endless possibility with you on your continuing Journey.

wpid-20150404_103749.jpgIV: The Lord
Druid Craft Deck
Minneapolis, MN

Take control of your life and offer clear and firm boundaries to those who depend on you. Lead your life by being true to your values and you will accomplish great things.

My morning Meditation was a bit scattered this morning, but it calmed down.

But again, with the message to begin researching schools in the areas of NM, OR, and CO, looking into Massage, Shamanism and Photography.  I should do another meditation this afternoon, and also lay my crystals out tonight in the Full Moon.

Taking into account what is going on in my life these cards fit it pretty well.  I like that there is both the Male and Female aspect represented, as well as courage.  Because with all change, you need the courage to face it.

Something Wonderful is Happening Today!

Tarot of the Day: XVII Silence

XVII: Silence
Osho Zen Tarot
Minneapolis, MN

The silent mirror like receptiveness of a star filled night with a full moon is reflected in the misty lake below. The face in the sky is deep in meditation, a goddess of the night who brings depth, peace and understanding. – Now is a very precious time. It will be easy for you to rest inside, to plump the depths of your own inner silence to the point where it meets the silence of the universe. – There’s nothing to do, nowhere to go, and the quality of your inner silence permeates everything you do. It might make some people uncomfortable, accustomed as they are to all the noise and activity of the world. Never mind; seek out those who can resonate with your silence, or enjoy your aloneness. Now is the time to come home to yourself. the understanding and insights that come to you in these moments will be manifested later on, in a more outgoing phase of your life.

My morning meditation took two tries, but it was worth it in the end.  If I get to it before Mischief wakes up fully, she naps through the meditation, but if I don’t then she’s scampering around the room, doing her little “mrew?”  So the first one was interrupted by scampering fur ball.

So when I started my second one, it went very smoothly.  Ganesha sits as Guardian of my Higher Plain (I’m not sure quite why, just when I first started doing this particular guided mediation he was the first there, and has stayed for the most part).  After I reached the Higher Plain, I had a guide draped in a white cloak, and radiating white gold energy.  S/he said that they would answer my static as well as the meaning full questions, and we walked together in the meadow.  Day to Day decisions are sometimes the “static” questions.  Which we went through.

But the meaningful guidance was.  “Be at peace with yourself, Be at peace with the Divine, Be at peace with the universe, and be at peace with your thoughts.”  Everything is happening as it should, and for the greater good.  Random word in this was “grateful”.

My two I am‘s that I saw I would be doing today were “grateful” and “something wonderful”.  There is also the thought of using the unused portions of paper from the project and making little positive affirmations,sayings or words, and leaving them in random places out in the world.  Things like Be at Peace, God is with you, Something wonderful is going to happen, You are perfect, You are my sunshine, etc.  How wonderful would that be to find that on the bus on a bad day?

Hope every one enjoys their Tuesday!  Happy Spring!

Sunshine and Wonderful, Galloping Gratefuls

I woke up this morning with weight on my legs, which is very helpful when listening to sleep tapes.  It means that the headphones stay on.

G’Morning Mischief!
Minneapolis, MN

I went to work this morning, keeping in mind Let Go, Let Grow. I also went in with a positive attitude. Which is a change from earlier this week. So much frustration. It was really WONDERFUL not to have the negativity that I’ve had all week in regards to work. Since I wasn’t booked today, I got to work on my “I am” wall art.

The ones missing on the Left are “let go, let grow”, “Sain healer at sain Healing” and on the right is “reiki Master.

“I am” Board
Minneapolis, MN

Something Wonderful: A positive attitude. It’s been a very good day. Especially with the opportunity to do some art.


1. Mischief (see above)
2. Roommate (car)
3. Work (for not booking, got to do some art)
4. Art
5. Family
6. Music
7. The opportunity to help out at work (wasn’t booked)
8. Breakfast with roommate
9. My Nephew (He had fun today)
10. The Sunny day

I’ll probably rearrange the I am board again, but that’s what it looks like so far.

Something Wonderful and What am I Grateful For: March 20th

Something Wonderful!  It’s Spring, well officially on the calendar that is.  No really, Wonderful.  I went to work for a little bit today, and then I filled out an application for my local coop.


1. My family
2. My roommate
3. My kitties
4. Smudging
5. Sleep
6. Choice
7. Music
8. Metro Transit
9. Awesome People
10. Guidance provided by friends and Divine.

As you all know, here in the Northern Hemisphere it is “officially” Spring. Unofficially it might still be snowing somewhere.

I smudged my apartment today, did my Seasonal and New Moon oracle and tarot draws. Some interesting things came up. Some related surprisingly to work, maybe not as surprisingly, but I wasn’t expecting on particular card to pop up. Friction at work is all I’m saying.

Took a couple pictures of the smudge burning. Not sure how they are going to turn out.

Tomorrow is going to be somewhat busy. Depending on how I go about doing things.

Business and Career Topic Series

This particular topic doesn’t just go for massage therapist and other healers, but some of the topics might transverse careers, just on principle.  It’s something that has been floating around for some time.

Topics could be specific to Massage and Healing.  Topics may be well versed throughout, it all depends on what strikes the match.

Why is There a Need for 24 hour notice?

So why do people require a 24 hour cancellation notice for appointments?  Why can’t I just call, when I know I’m not going to be there?  Why isn’t that good enough?  Hey, I called right?  I was supposed to call?  Oops, I was supposed to be somewhere right now.

This ever happen to you?   You’ve made the commitment to meet some one, it could be for business, pleasure, friends, and oops, we were supposed to do what?  Sorry I must have completely spaced it.  Or I’m not feeling well?  I’m sorry I’m late, I just couldn’t make it on time.  Or some other statement you might get.   And when you are just meeting for lunch with friends it may be fine, but it isn’t the case if you are meeting some one for business.  This isn’t to single people out, just address an issue, I’m sure several of us, if not all, have bumped into.

In a business environment, whether it’s for an interview, an appointment, a massage appointment, a hair stylist, or some other business or health appointment you have made, most require a 24 hour notice.  But why is it so important for this notice?  Why can’t it just be enough that I called? or texted? or sent an email?   The main reason is the commitment and time investment of the person you are about to do business with or are doing business with, takes to be there for you.  Whether you are friends or not, there is a commitment on our part to be there for you.

You may be meeting at a coffee shop, a studio, a person’s house, regardless the environment, it is still a commitment on both parts.  Once an appointment is made, a schedule is usually built around that commitment, work hours moved, other commitments scheduled, etc.   So when a 24 hour notice is required, it’s in large part because time is precious.  There are limited quantities of it available.  When some one cancels on such short notice, or less then 24 hours notice, it makes it difficult to move something productive into that slot.

Some businesses require fees or the cost of the missed appointment either at the time of cancellation or before the next appointment time as compensation for time lost.  This is something that is generally disclosed ahead of time, or/and in the fine print.  Be aware of of this.

As with all guidelines, there are exceptions, check with the person or business you are working with for those.