Joyful Sunrise: 7/29/2017

This morning while I was listening to some Esther Hicks,  I pulled Joyful Sunrise for my oracle card of the day.  I like this deck, because it has different insights to what is going on, that wouldn’t normally come out of another deck.   I’ve been doing a deck a week, I may up it to a deck per two weeks.  I am not sure it depends on what strikes my choice.

20170729_142439 Joyful Sunrise: Find time to help yourself or you will find you are alone when those you’ve helped have moved along.  Finding time for yourself is really not one of your strong points.  Although you vary your routine, it is often to find another job to do, and you are a master of multi-tasking.  For life to be treasured you must discriminate between the work that is for you, and that which is for others.  You must realize that others are not always able to provide you with what you need.  You now must step back and say “I am Worth it” when looking to do something for yourself.  If you do not take this step, you may find all others have gone and left you behind, because of all the help you gave them at your expense. I am ready for my own needs to formulate.  I am worth the time and effort.

I had a client yesterday that is pretty happy in part because she is laying boundaries, and she is putting herself first.  When I drew this card this morning, it was like a light bulb, and I thought about the last 14 years.  I like to help people.  I like to help them blossom.  But it has come to my attention recently that I need to take care of myself.  This isn’t so much a new message as it’s nudging me a bit more strongly.

There is this little voice that says stay and hang out here, but there is this larger voice that says it’s time to for YOU.   I told my roommate about a month ago, that I was intending to move by the Summer of 2018.  She wasn’t to happy to hear it, and wanted to know why.  My response was that it is time.  We haven’t talked on this topic since.  While I know it would be easier for her to stay in the area with a roommate, I am not going to be that person.  I am not quite sure how she will take it, but I need to be free to be me.  If that makes any sense.   I have had a couple roommates since I moved to Minnesota, and they’ve all blossomed.  But it’s time for me to blossom, to learn, to grow, to be free to be me.

I have never lived alone by choice.  I have always lived with some one.  Whether they be a boyfriend or roommate, there has always been some one present.  So this feels like a big step for me, but not.  This feels like the right choice.


Daily Oracle: 4/11/2017

Cross posted from Musings of An Aquarian Fire Dragon.

Today is the day of the Full Moon, so I drew 3 cards, instead of 2. I have to be careful with that, because it may end up to be 5 or 10…oops! 🙂

I have been noticing that my intentions and my affirmations are manifesting faster and in unexpected ways, with a side of the Universally Divine 2×4. I would say that it’s been fun, but actually it has. I would say I wouldn’t recommend it, but sometimes you need a swift kick in the ass to get you moving in the right direction. Even if it is a 2×4 from the Divine. I am a firm believer of tough love, and while there are many light workers out there that believe in the rainbows and butterflies of the Divine, and everything is good. I believe that sometimes the Divine does the tough love. Oh they do it in the unconditional love that they have for you, but the nudges and the pokes haven’t worked, so along comes a 2×4 from left field. They make sure you are okay, and walk away with the “bat”, whistling down the path. Of course the making sure you’re okay, may also be, “did you get the message?” …”this time”…

That being said, I’ve been noticing a “click”, like some thing fell into place. Once I made the decision, the Universe aligned, and all the ducks lined in a row for me. This morning’s draw has me thinking of that. It has me thinking of the things that are manifesting. Considering the “seeds” that I have planted in the “garden”. Considering the Affirmations that I have incorporated in my daily life, whether it be while I’m in a healing session, or just waking up for the day. What am I saying that moves things forward? I also know that the Bullet Journal is helping a lot with this.

Oracle Card Draw:

wp-1491928651823.jpg Cartouche: Divine Names of Power: What your are saying, thinking, or writing have power, have MAGICK. In the words for this card “…The words you are speaking are rapidly gaining power.”

Conscious Connections: Relationships. I have some thoughts on relationships. The Relationship you be thinking about, might not be with a person. It’s time to evaluate the relationships in your life.

XIII Transformation: This is actually the Death card for this deck (Osho Zen), but Death isn’t a bad thing, it’s change. “This is the time for a deep let-go” You may need to let go of someone, something, ideals, pain, or difficulties. One never knows, and you may need to meditate on it. Honestly, go to a place you find comfort in, and have conversation with it or some one. Sometimes it helps to talk it out, or journal it out.

This is a time of change. You may not be ready for it. You may be fighting it with everything you have, but it’s time to change. Try flowing with it. Try letting go and floating down the river with it. Sometimes you have to release the control you feel you have to have in situation or relationship, and let it flow. If it’s meant to be, it will be, if not, then let it go.

Oracle Card: The Dark Lady 03/26-7/2016

The card drawn was


The Dark Lady
Faeries’ Oracle
By Brian Froud

The Dark Lady: Unconscious Power and Wisdom, Rituals, Mysteries, Secrets; This is a time of preparation for rebirth, of restoration and regeneration. What is hidden is getting ready to be revealed. Celebrate this passage through the unknown, rich, fertile, hidden, realms of the Dark Lady. Meditate, Retreat, Seek Serenity and Inner Peace.

I have options.  I am making changes, and it’ll be interesting to see what comes from the seeds I’ve planted so far.

What is going on in your neck of the World?


I am Grateful and Something Wonderful: 3.26.2016

I am grateful for both holidays. I’m grateful for meeting new people. I am grateful for new client. I’m grateful for returning client. I am grateful for tips. I am grateful for rainy days. I am grateful for Lessons Learned. I am grateful to my friends and family. I am grateful for my job. I am grateful for spring days. I’m grateful for car Car2Go.

I had a wonderful full day on Saturday plenty of clients, booked solid at work,  it was really sunny in the morning, and it ended with rain which is awesome too, we need it.

This weekend’s draw is The Dark Lady from the Faeries’ Oracle deck by Brian Froud.

I am Grateful and Something Wonderful: 03/25/2016

I am grateful for a wonderful day.  I am grateful for my job.  I am grateful for my clients.  I am grateful for my family and friends.  I am grateful for cash.  I am grateful for kitten cuddles. I am grateful for cookies.  I am grateful for Friday night Gelato.  I am grateful for spray bottles.  I am grateful car2go.

Today’s card draw was The Master Maker from the Faerie Oracle Deck by Brian Froud.

I paid off my line of credit with Mason Easy Pay.  It was a wonderful moment.




I am Grateful and Something Wonderful: 3.24.2016

I am grateful for naps. I am grateful for my clients. I am grateful for cash. I am grateful for my friends and family. I am grateful for sunny days. I am grateful for snow. I am grateful for leftovers. I am grateful for mail. I am grateful for kitten cuddles. I am grateful picturesque moments.

We had a wonderful sunny day here in Minneapolis today. Especially after yesterday’s beautiful snow storm.

Today’s oracle card wrong, was the faeries of the future from the fairies Oracle deck by Brian Froud.

Oracle Card: Ilbe The Retriever: 03/23/2016

Good Afternoon!

Here in Minneapolis, we’re having an early spring snow.  The beautiful wet goodness of white flakes falling from the sky.

This morning’s draw was


Ilbe the Retriever
Faeries’ Oracle Deck
By Brian Froud

Ilbe the Retriever: Office of Unclaimed Property. Hopes, and Wishes. Loyalty. Ilbe is trying to remind you of something you’ve lost – a hope, perhaps, or a dream. you may have thought it gone forever, but he is holding it out to you for reconsideration. He thinks you can do something with it now. The way may not be obvious, but his clever nose has scented a path, a potential opening for bringing this into your life. Sometimes, Ilbe may be saying that a long away dream is at last arriving on the scene and there is nothing we need to do but open our hearts and minds to it. However, we usually have to work for it. Another attribute of Ilbe is loyalty.