Wonderfully Beautiful Sunset and Tarot of the Day: 04/16/2015 with a side of Gratefuls

Photograph Taken: 04/16/2015
Eden Prairie, MN

This evening I went out, to get some natural spring water. It’s a bit of a drive round trip, but well worth it. While I was down in Eden Prairie, I got a couple Wonderful shots of the Sunset. Dawn and Dusk are two of my favorite times of day.

So it was really cool.

What am I grateful for today?

  1. My Nephew (all smiles usually)
  2. My cat, Mischief (she appears to have missed me today, very talkative)
  3. My Friends
  4. My clients
  5. The smell of rain in the morning
  6. Car2Go
  7. Mobile Deposit
  8. Communication
  9. Shiny
  10. Affirmations

I was going to do an earlier post on my daily Tarot draw, but I sat there looking at it, and just couldn’t comprehend what I wanted to say about it, plus what was going on, could possible correlate with it. Might have been the 5ish hours of sleep last night. ūüôā

wpid-20150416_091043.jpg25 The Hero
Heart of Faerie

Strength, Courage, Unconditional Love; The Hero is heroism as a feminine force; not how we usually think of the Word. We can accept women as heroes, but we bestow male attributes on them to make them fit our idea of what is heroic: courage to fight, wisdom to “do the right thing” whatever it takes, and the drive to continue on against the odds. now just for a moment, think of love as a heroic force. Think of the love of a mother for her children. now think on a larger scale. Think of love that lets us accept the differences in people and the beliefs around us. Think of love that is truly unconditional. That is heroism. That is the single thing that truly overcomes obstacles in our world and in Faerie. It isn’t easy. it isn’t always comfortable, and it certainly isn’t always fun, but it is heroic. So if you draw this card, be a hero: try practicing unconditional love.

I’m not sure I can do the unconditional love with a couple of problems going on, but I can “accept” them. It takes me a little bit to roll around my aggravation, before I go OK this is who you are, I can deal. Maybe that’s one of the lessons my Nephew is teaching me…


Sunshine and Wonderful, Galloping Gratefuls

I woke up this morning with weight on my legs, which is very helpful when listening to sleep tapes.  It means that the headphones stay on.

G’Morning Mischief!
Minneapolis, MN

I went to work this morning, keeping in mind Let Go, Let Grow. I also went in with a positive attitude. Which is a change from earlier this week. So much frustration. It was really WONDERFUL not to have the negativity that I’ve had all week in regards to work. Since I wasn’t booked today, I got to work on my “I am” wall art.

The ones missing on the Left are “let go, let grow”, “Sain healer at sain Healing” and on the right is “reiki Master.

“I am” Board
Minneapolis, MN

Something Wonderful: A positive attitude. It’s been a very good day. Especially with the opportunity to do some art.


1. Mischief (see above)
2. Roommate (car)
3. Work (for not booking, got to do some art)
4. Art
5. Family
6. Music
7. The opportunity to help out at work (wasn’t booked)
8. Breakfast with roommate
9. My Nephew (He had fun today)
10. The Sunny day

I’ll probably rearrange the I am board again, but that’s what it looks like so far.

Something Wonderful and Ten Grateful Things: 03/14/2015

Photograph Taken: 03/12/2015
Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

Something Wonderful:

The Guy that allowed me to cross even though he could have kept going. Thank you

Ten Grateful Things:

1. The Beautiful Day
2. The Unique Car I saw called the Smaug Mobile.
3. The Metro Transit System
4. The Library, and finding one on just one bus route … oooo
5. My family
6. Cereal
7. Bread
8. Ikea
9. The Cats…Tramore is sitting in my lap, dirty oldman he is.
10. Birkenstock Shoes for arch support.

Out and about again today. Rode the bus down to Washburn Library, it’s on the 4 route. No transfers needed. Which means I got to switch from Eden Prairie Library as default to Washburn. Which means I probably went a little overkill in my requests for items to borrow.

Ikea I went to get some little cheap 4×6 picture frames for some Cards I draw around New Moon and Seasonal changes. And Spring this season has both.

I didn’t do any cleaning today, maybe tomorrow. Thursday or Friday I’m definitely smudging.

Registered my Square today, which enables me to take credit cards.

Today was another good day.


Taken: May 15, 2011 at the Minnesota Arboretum


Moving back to Minnesota was a sort of a retreat for me. Me being part of the boomerang generation. We go out in to the world and go OOPS!, only to go back to the nest to regroup and grow again.

The Wheel turns, and stops for no one. Each year the rose bushes grow, bloom, and show their beauty. At the end of the season of growing they got to sleep, in some areas are buried to better ensure the survival of the bush. Only to return the next year, to start anew, but not the same. The trees grow another ring, flower or bud, but are never the exact same.

Since I started doing a tarot reading a day, I see echoes of the previous readings or events in the current days reading.

Today’s Reading included from the Shadowscapes Tarot: Page of Wands, The World, Ten of Pentacles. From the Faerie Oracle Deck: Singers of Initiation and Connection, Ekstasis. From the HEart of Faerie Oracle: Queen of Laughter, The Messenger, and The Child.

Enjoy the Nature around you, she may have lesson to teach. So for today talk a moment and breathe. Consider for a moment where you have been and where you plan on going. Share your joy in special ways.

Reiki Blessings to you and Namaste.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Taken: 10/18/2008 at the Minnesota Arboretum


Doing my tarot spread this morning, makes me wonder where the day is going to go, outside and inside of work.

I usually do the Shadowscapes Tarot, Faeries’ Oracle, and the Heart of Faerie Deck. ¬†Sometimes I do a 5 Card spread total, or I’ll do three form each deck.

This morning I had the King of Cups, Six of Cups, and The Empress in my traditional tarot deck.  Followed by the Green Woman, Lys of the Shadows, and The Maiden in the Faerie Oracle Deck.  In the Heart of Faerie I drew The Child, Faerie of Youth, and the Green Man.

Tarot offers me a guideline of the day.  Things may not go the way the cards and energy say, but sometimes if I draw the Five of Wands, I can usually keep myself mindful of my interactions with the people in my life.  My temper in check.

Be Safe today, Have fun and do not worry.