Something Wonderful and Ten Grateful Things: 03/14/2015

Photograph Taken: 03/12/2015
Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

Something Wonderful:

The Guy that allowed me to cross even though he could have kept going. Thank you

Ten Grateful Things:

1. The Beautiful Day
2. The Unique Car I saw called the Smaug Mobile.
3. The Metro Transit System
4. The Library, and finding one on just one bus route … oooo
5. My family
6. Cereal
7. Bread
8. Ikea
9. The Cats…Tramore is sitting in my lap, dirty oldman he is.
10. Birkenstock Shoes for arch support.

Out and about again today. Rode the bus down to Washburn Library, it’s on the 4 route. No transfers needed. Which means I got to switch from Eden Prairie Library as default to Washburn. Which means I probably went a little overkill in my requests for items to borrow.

Ikea I went to get some little cheap 4×6 picture frames for some Cards I draw around New Moon and Seasonal changes. And Spring this season has both.

I didn’t do any cleaning today, maybe tomorrow. Thursday or Friday I’m definitely smudging.

Registered my Square today, which enables me to take credit cards.

Today was another good day.


Starting Anew:


Photograph Taken: 07/08/2014
Minnesota Landscape Arboretum
Rock Garden
Carpathian Bellflower

I’ve started this journal entry and tossed it out repeatedly.

It’s been a long time since November 2013, and I have indeed wandered. But then again. Not all who wander are lost.

Since November 2013, I obtained a second job, and I moved. I’d been thinking about moving for some time, and this year I sat down and actually started looking and actively visiting places. I had a couple options for roommates, when I finally realized that if I wanted something good I needed another roommate. But things would be different. Everyone or both of us would be on a lease, we would both or all be on the accounts affiliated with the apartment or house. Everyone would have a say of what was going on, and everyone would be accountable for everything.

I had seen a Reiki practitioner this Spring, and she had said it best, “you are holding this contract close and in a strong grip”. The lease was VERY important to me. I had lived for Eight years with a verbal agreement or then a stipulated agreement, and very little say of what I could or could not do in my home. But for me it didn’t feel like “home”, and hadn’t for some time. I was uncomfortable, I didn’t feel welcome anymore, and I didn’t enjoy the home, it was time to go, but I didn’t quite know where, or how yet. So I traveled, I avoided going “home” till I couldn’t.

So I started looking in the ‘burbs around me: Chanhassen, Eden Prairie, Excelsior, Bloomington. I wasn’t looking at that time to be directly in the cities. But I wanted to be on the inside ‘burbs, because living in Chaska, MN…that was 22 miles one way to the cities. And I didn’t want that anymore. One option for a roommate, Bloomington, Edina, or Richfield would have worked perfectly, as it would have for another roommate. But as I looked at the options, I started to look at transportation and walking. Alternatives to a vehicle. I decided, that the inner outer burbs wouldn’t be enough, especially if I was looking to ride and walk more. I needed a space where this was a realistic option. Not to say that it isn’t realistic outside of the cities, but in most of the burbs, they don’t have a real trail or trails available for bicyclists or walkers. The transportation system is a bit long, and in the western ‘burbs it doesn’t work on the weekends. So that marked all the burbs off the list, and made it to Minneapolis, but where. I needed an idea, so I went to another intuitive. And she had said that a block within from one of the busy roads, even gave me a store front to look around. So I looked.

During the hunt there were houses I looked at, as well as apartments. I would have loved a house, but for this, an Apartment was best, especially with a roommate.

The roommate I chose, I honestly didn’t think she would be an option. She wasn’t in a place that would be affordable in the budget I was initially looking at. Circumstances changed for her, and I had asked to her to look at one of the apartments that was about 100 outside of the max budget I was looking in. She said it wouldn’t be bad, this increased the budget to 1200 from a max of 1100. When I had inputted that information into the searches an old brownstone popped up. Two bedrooms – check, free storage – check, off street parking – no, cats – check (added bonus no deposit or rent for cats), it was one block away from the road and also the store front mentioned. I went to see it, and it had everything that I was looking for. Shaded apartment, lots of windows for natural light, two bedrooms, 1 bath, pets (cats) welcome, upper floor (I was initially looking at a top floor, but changed that filter, because that would be extremely warm), a welcome environment, close to things (CEs, work, entertainment, walking, biking). I asked if she had any other people looking, and at the time I was the only one that called (considering the location and type of place that it was – strange). So I waited, mainly because money and budget wasn’t quite right, and I wanted to see what else was out there. Then when both my roommate and I had time to look, I scheduled as second look. Again asked if there were any other interested parties, and was told, that one other called, but didn’t show up. My friend and I loved the location and the the place, and we agreed this was for us.

It surprises me even to think about it, that once we knew what we were looking for, and once we set that goal, knowing where I needed to look it was perfect, and we fell right into it. Normally in this environment Brownstones are gobbled up pretty quickly (the previous tenants had lived here only a year, but every other tenant in this building has been here for YEARS), this one was not, it was like it was waiting for us or us it.

Not only that, but this was a goal on my goal board. I hadn’t mentioned it to my old roommate, my plans for moving, but out of the blue, she decided that she too was moving, and it started the ball rolling for REAL.

So this Wandering Healer, wandered to a new home in Minneapolis, MN.

I wasn’t considering buying a new or used vehicle, but my old roommate no longer wants her Tonya (Toyota), and I still owe her some cash, so I’m buying the car (I’ve been using it for the last 7 months, paid close to 2000+ dollars for the usage of the vehicle, but none of that counts toward the purchase). I’ll be taking it in for an assessment this upcoming week to see what needs to be done, so 1. I know what I’m getting into, and 2. I have an foundation to talk her down on the price a bit. Karma speaking I believe this to be the best choice.

Then comes employment, I know where I want to go, in the direction I want to head. It’s just putting those thoughts down, updating the goal board, and putting the action forward.

I’ve done this major move, and my energy is looking for my other “big project” but it’s also looking to rest. Because let’s face it moving is a lot energy and change. Change itself can be tiring as well as energizing.

It just goes to show that if you truly know what you want, put the effort into making it happen, the Universe or Divine depending on your beliefs, will provide, all you have to do is have faith, and put fort the effort.

Good Omens on Summer Solstice

I’ll give you a rose this day.

My sign on Solstice was a double Rainbow, and an Awesome sunset.  I didn’t get good photographs of it, because I just had my phone, and it isn’t really fancy, just what I need.

But it was an Awesome sign on my Journey.

I don’t really have many photographs of this year, so I’ll give one from last year on Solstice.

Photograph Taken: 06/22/2011
Minnesota Landscape Arboretum
Rose: Sheila’s Perfume
Summer Solstice

 Happy Summer Solstice (belated)!  Hope your dreams are colorful and your future is moving.