I am Grateful and Something Wonderful: 02/29/2016

I am grateful for Aldi’s ($10: 3 boxes of cereal, bread, & cookies). I am grateful for cash tips.  I am grateful for a random client that cancels.  I am grateful for shoes that have support.  I am grateful for my clients.  I am grateful for music. I am grateful for my kitten.  I am grateful for my roommate. I am grateful for my family.  I am grateful for beautiful art.

I had a client cancel at the end of my shift, which allowed me to go home early.  This was very awesome.



I am Grateful and Something Wonderful: 02/26/2016

I am grateful for playing kitties.  I am grateful for natural springs.  I am grateful for Amazon Prime (watching Falling Skies, and listening to loud music).  I am grateful for the mild winter.  I am grateful for the sun.  I am grateful for the nature around me.  I am grateful for my roommate letting me use her car.  I am grateful for good music.   I am grateful for car2go.  I am grateful flannel sheets.

I had some really good macaroons today.  Courtesy of a friend of mine.  I’d been seeing them through her FB posts.  They are delicious. Yum!

I will leave you with a picture of the wonderful sweetness.


G’Night World!


Gratefuls and Something Wonderful: 02/17/2016

I am grateful for naps.  I am grateful for cupcakes (Emily).  I am grateful for Emily.  I am grateful for busy work.  I am grateful for long naps.  I am grateful for warmer weather.  I am grateful for beautiful pictures of my sister’s family.  I am grateful for snuggling kittens.  I am grateful for flannel sheets.  I am grateful for Liquid Mind (sleep music).  I am also grateful for ear buds for music.

I wasn’t really busy today, which allowed me the opportunity to rest.  Which I’m very grateful for.

I got to go home this afternoon, and go directly to bed.  Slept a good 5 hours.  Though I’m still tired, and will be going back to bed.  It was a wonderful opportunity to take a nap.

So Hypnos was a great help today. Thank You!

Good Night, Sleep Well.

My Day is Done.
My Night has Come.
Today is Gone.
What’s done Is Done.
I embrace My Dreams thought the Night.
Tomorrow comes with a whole new Light.

Something Wonderful and Grateful: 02/16/2016

I am grateful for Ikea.  I am grateful for Trader Joe’s.  I am grateful for Aldis.  I am grateful for my indoor electric grill.  I am grateful for unlimited transfers on the metro during a 2.5 hour period.  I am grateful to my kitten.  I am grateful for my job.  I am grateful for the wonderful people I meet during the day.  I am grateful for 39 degrees F on 02/16/2016 (saw 2 bare chested guys running in shorts at the U).  I am grateful for cat naps.

My wonderful was earning a cash tip that was immediately deposited into my checking account.

Sometimes it’s the little things, that make big things.


Commitments.  What are your thoughts?  Was there anything that needed to be reevaluated today?

I wrote a card to a former client today, inviting them to come see me at Moe Bodywork.  I had bumped into him at Whole Foods, and he had mentioned that he had not been in for massage since I left Elements.  He had resigned his membership there since.   So I invited him to come see me.  So we’ll see what happens.

I was walking in downtown Mpls today, at the transfer point from train to bus.  Apparently there had been a fight, and I had to get to the bus stop.  I was saying “I am safe, I am protected, I am holy,”  as I walked to the bus stop.  Suddenly Luna was on my right, big furry presence, and Loki was bounding around on the Left.  By the time I got to where I needed to be the fight was no more.   Though the cops had shown up.


Thank You!

This doesn’t get said nearly enough, and sometimes not at all.  Sometimes all the time, and sometimes once in a while.  But to every one that has read this journal, liked this journal, referred others to this journal, or just enjoyed what you read.

Thank you for reading and being a part of this journey!

A Wonderful Diagnose and Very Windy Wonderfuls…04/22/2015

How was everybody’s Earth Day?  What did you do for it?  Did you celebrate?  Other than that did you have a good day?

Today was my follow up appointment for my allergies.  I received news that my lung capacity is up, and I’m breathing better.  They wrote a prescription for allergy meds and the inhaler that I’m using.   The physician doesn’t understand my aversion to allergy pills.

Today was a windy day.  To be honest I was tired once I got home.  It was windy when I went to work, came home, and went back out for my doctor appointment.  Windy.  I came to the odd realization that it’s always windy when I got to my doctor’s office.

What am I grateful for today?

  1. My clients
  2. My blog
  3. My affirmations
  4. Tramore (roommates cat, such an energy whore)
  5. a clean apartment
  6. Metro Transit
  7. Work
  8. Nice People
  9. Good food
  10. My co workers

I hope everybody’s wednesday was a good day.  Good night to all, and have a good one.

Surrendering to Wonderful and Working Gratefuls: 04/20/2015

How was everybody’s Monday?  It tends to be THE day that the Faeries play the most with people, well no more than any other day of the week.

My day began early, a little to early, but that’s my fault, I’m not getting to bed early enough for that early.  Some of you may get that sentence.

What am I Grateful for:

  1. My schooling:  I wouldn’t be where I am today, with knowledge and ingenuity if I didn’t go to school for Healing.
  2. My clients: My growing practice wouldn’t be growing, if it were not for them.  Thank you for choosing me.
  3. My friends: both furry and nakid, thanks for the cuddles
  4. My Guides: who try and help me every step of the way.
  5. The Goddess for being there when I call
  6. The God for being there when I call.
  7. The Angels, Arch-Angels, Faeries, and Entities (of Benevolent means intent and love) who are there when I call.
  8. Kristin Barton for teaching me Reiki.
  9. My little nephew, who had spicy today.
  10. Brain Weiss for his guided meditations
  11. The little voice that said, “Don’t do that”

The Wonderful happened again today, and I’m very thankful.  It means I’m one step closer to my goal, and the bricks are building well.  A client came to see me today, and I feel very privileged that she chose to see me, when she herself is caring child.  She will be a new mother,  with a new little soul for the World.  Thank you for coming to see me today.  It was an honor.