Cleaning and Purging: 10/07/2017

This weekend I have been cleaning.  I have rearranged the living room to the point that I am content with.  A’s computer desk is now back in the opposite corner for the winter.  The window it sits next to, has the winter plastic sheet on it.  The TV is in the NorthEast Corner.  The dead Christmas lights are down, and in the trash bag.  I have a couple donation/sell piles going.  I’ve pulled the boxes up from storage to go through them.  I’ve bumped into a couple things that I haven’t thought of since I put them in storage.

I am selling my Men’s Mountain bike, and I am keeping the bike that my Dad gifted me.  I am going to be taking in some Laurell K. Hamilton books in excellent condition for sale.  They’re books that I ordered to keep up the series, but really don’t have an attachment too.

I am done for the night.  I accomplished the main goal which was to move A’s desk out of the Northeast corner so she doesn’t freeze this winter.   I have rearranged some of the shelves so her corner is her corner.   I have moved the portable massage table into a closet, with a drying rack, and the ironing board.  I have moved 2 fans into storage.  I plan on going through boxes tomorrow.

I plan on going through boxes tomorrow  to sort keep or let go of.  I need to have a late dinner, and then I am going to bed.

I am doing this, so when I do move, I don’t have to do much but move.


Universally Divine 2×4: 4/8/2017

To be honest,  I’m not sure what I want to write today.  Things are moving.  Decisions have been made.  Action has been taken.  Things have been delivered, now it’s time to wait.

Two by Fours are such fun.  They light up a special kind of Chaos in one’s life.  To say that I was hit by a 2×4 would be putting it lightly.  I’ve been running around making things are turned in, signed, copied, mailed, called, and well…you get the picture.  Now all I have to do is wait.

Making the decision wasn’t the decision I was looking to make, well at least I thought it wasn’t the decision I wanted to make.  But once the decision was made, things fell into place, ducks lined up, and the Universe Aligned to make it happen.  It has presented itself in my life from different sources, but it all came out to same thing, even if I refuse to see it at the time.

We have free will.  But we also have things that we are supposed to be accomplishing in this life.  We have helpers, we have guides, we have the occasional 2×4 from left field. Even with the feelings that everything would be alright and okay,  I worried.  It’s a big decision, and while I was a little frightened of the choice, EVERYTHING was saying it would be okay.  So I made the decision, and I talked to the people I needed to, and took the leap.


Things were okay.  In fact, things just aligned to make it happen.  Everything just went “hi”.  Looking back on it over the last 2 weeks, things went well.  But while they were going on, there was so much stress and doubt, even though everything was saying “this will be okay”, and “this is what you should be doing”.

The one card that kept coming up through this was “Faith in the Process” from the Sacred Rebels Deck by Alana Fairchild.

wp-1491262686262.jpg The Affirmation for Faith in the Process touched me so much: I now ask that all disappointing experiences of the past that have led me to believe that life is not trustworthy or that faith is a silly or immature way to deal with life, be released from my mind, body, and heart. I ask for help to accept that I can and will attract all that is needed into my life, at the perfect time and in the perfect way. I ask to be empowered to absolutely receive all that can assist me with gratitude and without shame or guilt. In doing so, I dedicate myself to be a clear, loving, open channel for the flow of life. I know the benefit in doing so is not limited to me, but will flow so that life can benefit others through me. I trust in this now, through unconditional love so be it.

It touched me so much that I copied it, and put it in my journal so I can open to it, and read it aloud or silently.  And it helps so much.

The ship has sailed, now it’s in the hands of the Divine.

I Went For A Walk: 09/24/2016

I thought about riding my bike this morning, but instead I took out my walking sandals, got my phone, set it to an audio book, picked up my walking cane, and took my back pack with water in it.    I took a walk to work.  I was off. I scheduled this time off last month with the intention of going to the Renaissance Festival.  I could have slept in, and I did.  This is a ME weekend.

What does that mean?  It means that for whatever reason, this weekend has turned into some time that I can take for myself, and take care of me.  Take care of my home, and enjoy the presence of Self.  Of music.  Of my little furry company.  I have no massages scheduled all weekend.  I have no work all weekend.

So I took a walk, and listened to some Wayne Dyer on the way.  I watched the squirrels running around with their little bushy tails in the air, carrying nuts up trees.  I watched a chipmunk head for the hedge.  I saw a Dog watching me from a window. I watched a cat, sitting in a window, watching all the birds flying around, and the critters in the trees. To take care of me, converse, and continue my walk.

On the way home, I took different route.  I different landscape to observe and smell.  Walking by the older houses surrounded by trees and unique landscape, and I scented the Earth.  That wet earthy smell of plants and earth, that comes around in the early day, after some good rains.   Then I was looking down, and seeing all the fallen leaves.  I thought of a friend of mine, and her beautiful art.

Delayne is such a beautiful soul. She’s been doing faces. Giving faces for those little souls in nature. She’s a beautiful Soul that heals with her art.

I thought about the changes that have been occurring in my life. How looking at things differently has changed my outlook on things. How changing how I think, has changed the way my brain works. How changing the way I act, has changed the environment around me. How I don’t need to shout my truth, to know my truth. I don’t need to share my truth, to know my soul. I know my soul. I have a feeling of where I’m going, and that is mine.

I can think of all the excuses that this weekend is mine, but in the end it is still a weekend that was carved out even without me knowing truly what it was for, till it was here.

Cleaning and Purging: 09/20/2016

I’m listening to Leo King, and he’s being don’t do anything major, which is kinda what I’m feeling.  Yet there is this part of me that wants to move, change, rearrange things.  I don’t really like standing still sometimes.  However with the things going on right now, I should step back, relax, and pay attention to me.   Which is what I’m feeling kinda about this week.  This week is about paying attention to me, and doing some me work.

I try to get the trash and recyclables out before trash day. Last night, the “plan” was to do just that, but I got to cleaning, which turned into putting things away, which turned into purging and cleaning out the fridge…ick.  I went through some of my clothes, “asked” if I should keep or throw, a lot went.  We tend to keep clothes with the mentality that we’ll fit in them again, instead of letting them go and some one else enjoy them.

There are several reasons that lead me to clean.  One: I don’t like standing clutter in the living area of my home.  Two: things need to change periodically, and I tend to do that with seasons.  I’m already looking at the living room, and thinking how to do it for this autumn/winter.  Three: it’s when the occasion says NOW!  Like last night, I was kinda on the roll, and … then I was done.

Now that I’ve got my distraction out of the way, I’m looking at my work schedule this week, and it’s looking like a me week.  I week where I pay attention to the home and myself.  Relax, smell the air, torment my cat :), have a cup of tea, read, listen to music, etc.  Take care of me.


Leaving: 7.1.2016

I am leaving today. Today is my last day at Lake Calhoun Beach Club Athletic Department. I have been here since December 2013, and it’s been a ride. But it’s time to go. It’s not a decision that I’ve taken lightly. It’s something that I’ve been thinking about for over a year.

It’s time to go. My journey is not your journey. You may want to stay. But for me, it’s time to go. I leave on good standing. I resign with a 2 week notice. Just in case, I want to come back. I’ve been told I’d be welcome, if I chose to come back. Some people may not be happy with my choice. But it is my choice. It’s a long time coming.

It’ll be time to update things. Harvest certain ideas. Plant new ideas. It’s a new month. July has started. With a bang. Or whimper depending on who you are.

I’m not saying that I won’t miss it. Lake Calhoun Beach Club does take very good care of their massage therapists in regards with pay. Is the best company that I have ever worked for that pays very well. But if money were the only option, I’d be staying. But it’s time to go. So here I am with the key to the office sitting here reviewing my time.

I thank Azhari for the opportunity, he is the one who networked me in. I thank Cari for hiring me, and doing what she thought was best.

Today is my last day. It’s time to go.

I am Grateful and Something Wonderful 4.4.2016

I am grateful for my clients.  I am grateful for my home.  I am grateful for my family and friends.  I am grateful for cash.  I am grateful for sunny days.  I am grateful for left overs.  I am grateful for kitten cuddles.  I am grateful for walking sticks.  I am grateful for handsome men.  I am grateful for new tools.

I had a wonderful morning vegging about.

I am Grateful and Something Wonderful: 4.3.2016

I am grateful for New Opportunities. I am grateful for class experiences. I am grateful for new knowledge. I’m grateful for warm days. I am grateful for sunny days. I am grateful for warm weather. I am grateful for being among the friends. I am grateful for my family. I am grateful for days off. I am grateful for love. I am grateful for kittens. I am grateful for new dreams.

I had a wonderful day off today. A friend and I went to essential oils for body workers continuing education class. It was fun and knowledgeable. It makes me want to expand my toolbox.